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Arrival in Munich

Well, I’ve made it safely into Munich and can finally just take a step back and sit down. The flight over was pretty uneventful except for the rather large eastern European man in front of me who insisted on reclining his seat the entire 8.5 hours of the flight. At least it was direct. Becky (my friend from school who I am traveling and studying abroad with) got to the airport about an hour after me, and we sat waiting to hear from a friend of mine about our luggage storage. We each have two bags but can only bring one around with us to travel, but thankfully a friend, who I know from the German Exchange program in high school, lives here in Munich and is graciously storing our extra bags. The day consisted of a long train ride, getting lost in the Hauptbahnhof (main train station), finally finding our hostel, getting our bags to my friend’s place, and finally being back in our hostel. It’s not terribly fun and eventful but our German is improving already from the use and we’ve successfully communicated with multiple Germans including holding our own in a cute coffee shop “CoffeeFellows” that we visited. It actually had great coffee and was nice and cozy to chat in. Now we’ll head out to dinner somewhere close (and cheap, we are college students after all) and get to bed early (I know, boring). But we leave early tomorrow morning for Venice!

Bis Spaeter (Until later)


February 18, 2009 - Posted by | Germany


  1. I love you! Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. If any Germans give you a hard time, I’ll be on the next flight over. Oh and btw, I started taking Kickboxing classes and I may be traveling to Thailand for a month to practice… aggressive

    Comment by G Fabs | February 18, 2009

  2. I remember when I traveled Europe some 30 years ago. It was such a learning experience. I am so pleased that our children are having similar experiences and seeing first hand that the world is made up of more than just North Americans.

    Have a fabulous time, keep on writing, and don’t forget to post some photos. Oh, and don’t forget to sample the beer!

    Comment by Todd | February 19, 2009

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