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Living in Germany


I’m just sitting here enjoying some Italian pizza and red wine here in Venice. It’s wonderful. But let me backtrack…. Becky and I stayed in Munich the night we got in and our hostel was very nice. It was called Wombats and we’d definitely recommend it to anyone who ever stops in Munich. We got up early the next morning and got to the Hauptbahnhof (main train station) with plenty of time to catch our train to Venice. I’m usually one for falling asleep within 5 minutes on a moving vehicle, but I am so glad I stayed awake for this ride. The scenery through the Alps of Southern Germany, Austria, and Northern Italy was beautiful. Austria

Apologies for my reflection off the glass. I took this one while we were going through Austria. We arrived safely at the train station in Venice and made it to our hostel around 9 pm. It’s definitely not like the last one; we’re pretty much in trailers. But hey, we’re young and trying to save money and it is clean. So today we ventured into Venice. Our hostel is on the main land and it’s about a 15 minute ferry ride over to the island (we can walk to the ferry from our hostel). Venice is absolutely amazing. It’s carnivale here, their mardi gras celebration, and the costumes were intricate and beautiful. I’ll just post a few but they’re unbelievable.


masked man

Venice as a city is amazing, and we walked around for the entire day never tiring of the sights. We ate lunch at a cute little cafe and they have the best coffee here. People were walking around everywhere in costume or just with masks, and we were lucky enough to have been there on a day of costume judging which consisted of people walking a runway in costumes for an hour. The Plaza San Marco was gorgeous as was the basilica. I could go on and on but just leave you a few pictures instead as time’s running out (I had to pay for an hour of internet here; it’s not free like the last one). We’re onto Florence tomorrow. Ciao!





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