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Finally it’s been time to get accustomed to where I’ll actually be living until the end of July. After filling out paperwork and applying for my residency permit, my passport was taken for 3 weeks leaving me soley in Germany. As I mentioned before, we took one weekend trip as a group to Murnau which was beautiful. The following week consisted of more class for orientation but with a political theme this time. We learned about the German political system and parties, and we compared a little bit of American and German politics. Our group also became more accustomed with beer halls and the city life- hey, it was bound to happen sometime. The next weekend we found ourselves on yet another class trip, this time in Regensburg. Regensburg is about an hour and a half north of Munich and is absolutely beautiful. It’s very reminiscent of Italy with the architecture style and colors. We got a tour of the huge, and currently being reconstructed, cathedral. Regensburg also possesses the oldest stone bridge in Europe which provides a great view of the city from over the Danube (which is, actually, not intensely blue).


Saturday night turned out to be our friend Quentin’s birthday. A group of us went out to one of our favorite restaurants (and yes, we already have favorites) then onto a few more bars for the night. We gave him a desk for his room as a gift; we had found it one night in the lobby, ready to be thrown out, and why let it go to waste? Turns out it was a huge success as he loves the desk and we all enjoyed filling it with various gifts from beer to parsley plants.

Sunday brought yet more visitors. My friend Brian (BC) who’s studying in Edinburgh (where I visited) came with his friend Dave. Both are Chicago boys so of course I was happy to house them on my floor (air mattresses included). After orientation Monday, we unsuccessfully went on a quest for cheap lederhosen, but those outfits are quite expensive. We girls still wore our dirndls out that night as we took them to one of our favorite beer houses, Schneider-Weisse. The reason we never let guests pass this bar up is that they are the only place that has this one sort of beer- Eisbock. It’s 12% alcohol in one bottle which is the most concentrated beer I’ve ever heard of. And it doesn’t taste half bad either. From there we went on to Hofbrauhaus, another tourist must. My german friend Basti and a few of his friends joined us as well for a fun night. I met Basti five years ago during the German exchange program in high school. We’ve still mananged to keep in touch as well as a few of the other Germans.

Tuesday the boys went to Dachau and my roommate from school Kat arrived! She’s studying in Cork, Ireland for the semester and has about a month off between the end of classes and finals. Once I got out of orientation-class and the boys were back, we all met up and went to a beergarden ‘am see’, or by the lake, in the Englischer Garten. It was a beautiful day and Kat got her first true German meal- beer, sausage, and sauerkraut. Mmmm. We saw the boys off and lingered at the beer garden for a bit before doing our homework assignment for the night (wait there’s work?! I know. shocking). This week’s ‘module’ was called ‘getting to know Munich’ so we had a different place to visit each day. This day my group had to go to Haidhausen, a portion of Munich, which ended up being beautiful. It used to be called the French Quarter, and it was just very lively with people outside everywhere which was great. We walked along the Isar (the river) which I’d like to go back to at some point for an outdoor dinner and bonfire. Wednesday’s homework wasn’t as exciting- we had to ride a tram from end to end and see how the city changed. Which, it did, but unfortunately not much discovering was involved. I realize I haven’t posted much pictures of Munich itself, so here’s a few to get acquainted with:


The Rathaus at Marienplatz


View from atop the Alter Peter (a church)

Our last day of orientation was Thursday, and classes don’t start until April 20th. So Friday, Kat, Becky, and I ventured to Prague to visit another one of my roommates, Steph. (I swear not ALL of BC is studying abroad right now). Steph’s 21st birthday was on Saturday, and what better way to celebrate than with friends! I unfortunately don’t have time right now to go into that; I have to pack for Greece. Becky and I leave for Athens tomorrow. (I know. rough life) It’s our last big hurrah before the semester starts and I actually crack down. Updates on Prague and Athens after we get back!


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  1. Red wine in Spain, beer gardens in Germany. I see the pattern. Surprised to hear you actually have classes to attend. Glad you are enjoying the experience. I can’t wait to hear about Greece. Thanks for the blog and photos.

    Comment by Aunt Kathy | April 28, 2009

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