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okay not even going to bother with apologies here but I will attempt to catch up (and post lots of pictures to compensate). So, my orientation program was about a month long, and afterwards we had 10 days off for Easter and a ‘spring break’ of sorts, as if a break from mid December to the end of April wasn’t long enough. But hey, I’m not complaining. So, my roommate Kat from BC (studying in Ireland, was visiting me here) headed off to Prague with Becky and I for Steph’s 21st. It’s a beautiful city and I was surprised how much I didn’t know about it. We stayed with Steph, got to sightsee Prague castle, the Old Town which had a cute Easter Market with great food, live music, and lots of arts/crafts booths, the Jewish quarter, went paddleboating on the river on Easter, and saw the Lennon wall, which is this huge wall people graffiti on and it’s beautiful.


Prague Castle at night


Me, Kat, Steph, and Becky at the Lennon Wall


one of our many pictures from paddleboating.

So after Prague and Steph’s wonderful 21st, Becky and I headed back to Munich for a few days, then left again for Athens. Our hostel was in a kind of sketchy area of town but we didn’t really go out at night so it wasn’t a problem. Also, we realized we were going to Greece. And we realized it was the week after Easter. However, not until the flight attendant on the flight there made an announcement did we put the two together: we would be in Athens for Greek Orthodox Easter. Oh man.

We get in on a Wednesday, walk around a little to get a feel for the area but don’t do too much. Thursday was a HUGE sightseeing day. We spent most of the day at the Acropolis seeing the Parthenon, Theater of Dionysus, and various other ancient ruins. We also made our way over the the Olympic Stadium from 1892, and ran into ruins all over town.


Parthenon from below


Olympian ruins with Temple of Zeus in the background- I never knew before seeing this collapsed column that the colums weren’t one huge solid piece but instead actually smaller cylinders stacked on top of each other.


Making my way up Lykavittos Hill which is the highest point in the city.

Friday we found ourselves walking around Monastiraki which had lots of markets and outdoor shops (obviously Becky and I both bought greek dresses- when else could we??) We convienently ran into Teresa, a girl from BC studying in Athens who I had no idea was there. She was a huge help giving us recommendations of where to go, what to see, where to eat, and the rest of the day was a huge success. We at dinner and I decided to veer from my normal course of gyros and try the moussaka (what’s in it, I don’t know, some sort of meat and potato casserole like dish) only after I return back to Munich does my dad decide to tell me to avoid all meat in Greece because they don’t refrigerate it. Apparently lamb is usually okay since it gets cooked pretty well. And that explains the food poisoning I have the next day. But anyways, still Friday night… It was obviously Good Friday there and since European dinners last for hours, Becky and I had watched it go from light to dark and people had been walking in all directions carrying candles, some lit some not. When we finally decide to make our way back to the metro, everyone’s walking really slowly and as we’re weaving, Becky just stops and goes “Colleen, I think we’re in a procession”. I don’t believe her then look ahead to see a huge mass of flowers being held in the air as well as a cross and a casket-like box being supported by men. Apparently the whole town was reenacting mourning the death of Christ and having a procession. We slow down and then turn out of the procession at the nearest opportunity. Only later do we find out that not only had we taken part in a holy procession, it was also being televised throught Greece. Awesome.


View from the Acropolis. Really tall hill in the right? Lykavittos, which we climbed.

Saturday we had decided to go to Aeginas, an island about a 2 hour ferry ride from Athens. Well, food poisoning had snuck up on me but I was determined not to let it keep me from a Greek island. So we made our way onto the boat, enjoyed the fresh air, and had a nice day walking around the island.


View from Aeginas.

We finally made our way back to Munich where we’ve been (for the most part) since. I have a 4 day weekend this weekend since today (thursday) is a holiday and I don’t have Friday classes. Also convienently my dorm area (studentenstadt) is throwing a huge festival/party from last night to Sunday so that gives me plenty of time to drink do homework or write some updates


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  1. Greetings from the Homeland!
    Just finished reading your latest blog. Sounds like your life is one BIG challenge after the other. As difficult as it is I am sure you will meet them all and rise above them. (Easier said than done, right?) Thank you for remembering my birthday. Can’t believe I am so old. Aunt Kathy, Uncle Mickey and I left 9/25 for 2 days in Quebec City- then boarded the Crown Princess for a 10 day cruise with ports of call in Canada, Bar Harbor, Maine, Boston, Newport, RI and New York. Mother Nature did not co-operate at all. It was supposed to be a “Color Cruise” but everything looked green except for an orange leaf now and then.The weather was impossible. We were getting the edges of the Hurricanes in the Caribbean so we had a few nights of Rock and Roll. Nonetheless,spending time on the ship with K & M was enjoyable
    so I am so happy that I went. Your Mom and Dad, Maura (and Aunt TeeTee) came over yesterday with all the ingredients for dinner. Your Mom cooked (delicious) and your Dad cleaned up. Maura coughed!
    Hope this finds you in upbeat spirits. I think of you everyday and storm the heavens for you. With all my love always and forever! Omi

    Comment by Omi | October 18, 2010

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