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So, I’m supposed to be at lacrosse practice right now but it’s decided to thunderstorm. No, not ‘rain storm’ like it does in Boston, a really good storm, where the sky goes all dark with lots of thunder and lightning, I love it. I did just watch a smokestack not too far away get hit (hopefully they have the lightning conductors on the roof) which makes me wonder about my 12 story dorm building…

Anyways, life for the most part here since school started has been filled with visitors, but otherwise quickly becoming routine. I’m taking 4 classes, and doing an independent study (aka research project). I’ll give you a rundown of a typical week to basically get caught up for the past month (and intersperse pictures, obviously):


View of the soccer stadium and olympic hall from the olympic tower (Munich hosted the olympics in 1972)

Monday: wake up at 7:45 (ouch) out the door by 8:15 to get on the Ubahn since class starts at 9. It’s a German grammar class which is very helpful, and is run through my program through Wayne State, not the university here. Class goes til 10:30 and usually I’ll go someplace after to do some reading for my next class at 2:15. This one is through the university (Ludwigs-Maximilians University, or LMU). It’s a small class with about 7 students which is really nice. It’s called “tropical subsistence systems” and is [obviously] for my environmental studies minor. I’m actually enjoying it and learning a lot- we’re focusing on Papua New Guinea mostly. The readings are in English which is SO nice, but the entire class, which is mostly discussion, is conducted in german (sidenote, ALL classes I’m taking here are in German, which means the homework/essays/tests are too)


The girls on Becky’s 21st birthday!!

Tuesday: NO CLASS! but wait, this usually means grocery shopping, running errands (like today, I bought train tickets to Vienna for my parents and I when they come in June), doing homework, photocopying articles for classes, etc. Then lacrosse practice at 7, but to get there on time I usually leave by 6. Guess I should mention that I joined a lacrosse team here!! I haven’t played since high school, but it wasn’t too hard to get back into it. Lacrosse isn’t too big over here, and Munich is actually the only city that has 2 teams, A and B. I’m currently playing on the B team since I don’t actually pay to be part of the club and am only here for a few months. This past weekend the A team won the Bayern region (the state Munich is in) which means they’ve moved on to the final 4 in two weeks! The men’s team has moved on to the final 4 as well!  Hopefully we can win them both. Last night, the mens and womens teams met together at Ned Kelly’s Australian bar downtown to watch the NCAA mens lacrosse championship between Cornell and Syracuse (I’ll let you think about that clash of nationalities- German/Australian/American?) It was an AMAZING game and I’m sorry if you didn’t watch it. I was cheering for Cornell and with them up 9-6 I thought they had it. Unfortunately, Syracuse came back to tie it with 4.5 seconds left and then win it in overtime. Wow.


Becky and Line in front of the Chinese Tower beer garden in the Englischer Garten. We’ll see Line again this weekend in Berlin!

Wednesday: German grammar class again, 9 am. Yuck.

Thursday: Occasionally, a 10:30 class. I say occasionally because this class is held about every 2-3 weeks (it meets about 6 times total) It’s about studying at german universities which is actually helpful, but would have been even MORE helpful if we had all this information before we started. Awesome. We talk about the differences in education systems (to be explained another day) and how they don’t really take tests for grades too often but instead write essays and/or give a 20 minute oral presentation (referat) on a topic to be taught to the class with a discussion to follow. In this sense, the class sort of teaches each other. Then, at 5 I have my “Art in Munich” class (I need to fulfill my fine arts requirement at BC). Our professor is very nice and way overeducated to be teaching this class. She’s written books and is an expert on everything. So far we’ve looked at different types of architecture (starting with the Greek’s classicism), sculptures, and paintings. We’re up to the mid 1500s right now, and have gotten a chance to see some cool stuff. It’s unfortunate the class is 2.5 hours long and my attention span is not that great…


At the maypole on May Day!

Friday: NO CLASS! (what a life, I know) Lacrosse practice again (then again on sunday).  Homework smushed all in between and of course lots of visitors, playing tour guide, and enjoying German beer and sausage culture. Occasionally we change up the standard ‘here is Munich’ tour and take day trips. For example I’ve gone to Salzburg and Schloss Neuschwanstein with friends, but I’ll go into those more next time!


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