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Würzburg, Germany

Würzburg is where I’ll be living for most of the next year. From the beginning of September to some point in July, I’ll consider that town to be my home base. After many months of waiting, I heard back in the middle of March that my Fulbright application had successfully been granted! I found out in May exactly in which town I would be placed. I’ll be an English Teaching Assistant (ETA for short) at a Gymnasium in Würzburg (can you tell I finally figured out how to insert links?). I’m not exactly sure what grade I’ll be teaching, but it’s somewhere between 5th and 12th grade. I don’t know much about the town except for what Wikipedia’s told me, and what I’ve heard from Kat’s dad (thanks Mr. H!). So far I’ve gathered that it’s got a lot of great history, including a Residenz and a fortress, and is in a good wine region (parents are excited). I’m currently in the exciting/scary process of apartment searching so hopefully that turns out well.

Wuerzburg, courtesy of Google

For the time being, besides apartment searching, I’m looking to learn another language. The school I’ll be at has an intensive language focus where students graduate with four languages: German, and then 3 of the following: English, Latin, Spanish, French, Italian. I’m looking into either Spanish or French- I feel both would be beneficial in the public health world in the future as well. Otherwise, the summer after graduation holds no real plans. Babysitting here and there, and (hopefully) learning how to cook. Once I get an apartment (hopefully soon) I can get a few pictures of that up as well.

Edit: my school assignment was changed- I’m still in the same town but now at a different school. It’s a boarding school, and I’ll be living there for the first month while I look for an apartment in the town. I’m still teaching English, somewhere between 5th and 12th grade. I have orientation in Cologne the second week of September, but hopefully I’ll get internet up and working in Würzburg sometime before then to update!


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