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Safe and sound

Well, I’ve successfully made it over here and am now trying to adjust to the German keyboard (the y and z are switched which stinks as well as the addition of umlaut keys) I’m using the internet at the library since the guy who hooks up wireless is still on summer vacation and wont be back until the 14th. So until then, updates will be very sporadic.

Had a relatively uneventful plane ride and somehow made it through the airport, S bahn, on and off the ICE train, and up 2 flights of stairs to my apartment with 2 45 lb bags successfully. My arms kill. The ride from Frankfurt to Würzburg was only about an hour but we reached 250 km/hr or so.  The woman from the school who I’ve been in contact with picked me up from the train station, drove me around the town, and then to the dorm building next to the school where I currently live. She also brought me breakfast food and invited me over to her home for dinner which was so nice. I’ve been very nervous about my German since I haven’t spoken it in about a year- since last time I was here. But apparently it’s “echt gut” which makes me feel better.

My room is pretty small- smaller than my room abroad for those of you who remember and that wasn’t huge. The apartment at the boarding school is nice, I’m just thinking it may suit me better to have an apartment and meet people my own age. That and I have no access to a kitchen, I’ll have to eat all my meals with the students at assigned times. That being said, the university here is still on semester break and doesn’t resume until October 15 so I may have to wait a bit. Today I’ve successfully explored Würzburg, bought a cell phone, and bought groceries. All in German. sheesh.  I leave for Köln (Cologne) early Monday morning and won’t be back until Thursday, so I probably won’t update until after then. My room does have a nice view of the Marienberg fortress (where they’re currently filming the 3 Musketeers movie) so I’m planning on an English tour of the city tomorrow then heading over there. Sal, Kurt, other history majors- I’ll try and remember as much as I can from the tour for you.

Hope everyones moving in/out is going well and new jobs/school. I’ll be sure to post pictures next time once I can update from my own computer!


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  1. www colleen i am so proud of you and all the things youve accomplished. you know i still see you as 5 years old….i cant believe how much youve grown up! stay safe! love ya!

    Comment by Jenny Gaspar | September 8, 2010

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