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A little bit of background information on the German language: the letter W is pronounced as a V. So “wasser” is in fact “vasser” and so on. So, the Germans spell some words with Ws to be pronounced as Vs. Such as vodka. It’s actually labeled as Wodka. Somewhere along the line of all this v/w confusion students mistakenly pronounce English words with Vs in them as Ws. Like Wolleyball (although my personal favorites are wisit and conwenient)

So, I was invited to play Wolleyball on Monday evenings with some of the teachers. I didn’t go for the first few weeks since I was busy running around filling out forms but I’ve gone for the past 2 weeks. Now, I tend to think of myself as pretty athletic and able to jump right into most sports. most. tennis, softball, and volleyball are exceptions. I didn’t even make the 7th grade volleyball team- and they had two teams. So my confidence in my volleyball skills is not very high. Regardless, I show up the first week after agreeing to meet one of the student teachers there. Did I mention she’s a student teacher studying to teach English, History, and Sports? Okay just checking. Most people there are wearing kneepads and look pretty serious for our 5 on 5 game, already doing warm-ups and drills and I’m trying to remember bump, set, spike.

We start playing and I’m not the worst player there but definitely the second worst. I’m terrible. The guy next to me in our rotation is Mr. Super-Competitive and takes it upon himself to run over and play balls that are headed straight towards me, even when I call for them. And, he makes those frustrating sighs and shakes his head every time I miss a ball. Cmon, the rest of the people there aren’t exactly pros either. Out of the 10, there are I’d say 3 good guys and one guy who thinks we’re playing at the Olympics. He’s no less than 6’5, has a freakishly scary vertical jump, and shows no mercy when spiking the ball. (Luckily I was on his team the second week). He could be a long-lost cousin of my high school anatomy teacher-they look that much alike. So I figure we play a few games, that’s fun, go home, but no we’re playing actual first to 3 and wouldn’t you know it takes all 5 games to get there (we lost).  Now I haven’t really been working out since I got over here either so by the end of 5 games, I’m feeling so out of shape (compared to like 50 year old teachers, great) and my arms are bright red from hitting the ball. I’m definitely not a natural hitter so I’d say libero or setter are the two places where I make myself look least like an idiot.

Despite my obvious lack of volleyball talent, for some reason I go back the second week. If they gave out awards, I would definitely have earned the most improved player award (I think it helps that Mr. Olympian was on my team and Mr. Super-Competitive was not). I think I’ll continue to play and who knows, maybe by the end of the year I’ll be a semi-decent volleyball player?

In other news, I may be starting a women’s lacrosse team for Würzburg but it’s still too early to tell what’s happening. Looks like it’s shaping up to be a possibly athletic year?


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